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N°12 Articles

The Other Side of the Pancake

Julie Mondor

Flour, eggs, milk. Drop a spoonful of the mixture into a pan. Cook, flip, cook some more. This process was a step up from boiling an egg in my culinary…


My Commencement Speech

Ryan Patricks

Let me just give you a glimpse of what you are in for. After today, most of you will immediately start working jobs you don’t like and making money for…


From TV Scripts to Bedtime Stories

Victoria Malloy

To call this Toronto-based TV & film producer busy is an understatement. With a newly formed partnership with a Hollywood heavy-hitter and a myriad of projects in the works, this…


Who Wants To Go Back?

Blair Smith

Why are people willing to live a port-a-potty lifestyle while going broke from beer prices, only to be left with a somewhat empty sound lost in the open festival air?