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What’s Really Good Magazine began over ten years ago in a small basement. What started as a weekly email soon grew into an online publication with indepth substantive content.

WRG works hard to provide our readers with tasteful visuals and thoughtful creative content, and we take great pride in what we have been able to accomplish thanks to our collaborations throughout the years.

We are always looking for new contributors and submissions. As a general policy, we cannot guarantee placement, but we work actively to approve submissions and work with contributors to develop articles to the highest possible quality. Please note that the capacity of our team to handle more pieces also dictates whether or not we will be adding or cutting a piece.

For those interested please send an email with sample(s) of your published work to us here. Before submitting, we ask that you take some time to read through some articles in our latest issue to get a better sense of the voice of the magazine.

We look forward to collaborating with you and thank you for being a reader.


WRG Editorial team