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In the art world, there are countless famous works of art that we all recognize, but can we always name the artist behind them? Salvador Dalí is one of the few artists whose name doesn't need to be made. A peculiar man, he has generated a lot of debates around whether he was confident, cocky, or just plain mad. New contributor to the magazine, Victoria Malloy, explores the question in the Confidence Issue.

by Victoria Malloy


Croatia is Europe’s unsung hero of the Mediterranean coastline. A mecca for island hopping and fresh eats, we’ve put together a simple travel guide to help you figure out where to stay, eat and party in this picturesque destination.

by Lindsay Woods


Whether a short weekend jaunt up to a cottage or a lengthy journey across the country, The Great Canadian Road Trip is a rite of passage. In a country bound together by patriotism and good manners we’re unnervingly divided by distance.

by Jason Finestone

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