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The pillars of Jewish food were founded by the generation of our great grandparents, whose recipes books may of us would kill to get our hands on. Luckily, a new wave of Jewish food enthusiasts didn’t have to go so far to get those recipes, which is why we Millennials are now enjoying a revival of the Jewish deli: #jewfoodrenaissance.

by Alison Robins

Food + Drinks

As we live in the digital age, we find a lot of our inspiration on Instagram. Straight from our favorite culinary’ Instagram accounts, we present a collection of nine mouth-watering photos that paint their own stories (and tastes) through food.

by Staff

Food + Drinks

Ex-footballer Zak Buis gave up the field’s white (spray-painted) lines for white wines when he packed up and moved to France to work in a vineyard. Now a bonafide expert, he shares his journey, his unconventional passion for well-aged whites and and his all-time favourites.

by Serena Trifiro

Food + Drinks

Danny Smiles isn’t exactly the newest kid on the block, but now that his appearance on Top Chef Canada has caught eyes and raised the profile of his work as Le Bremner’s chef, Montreal’s finally falling for him. Hard. Don’t get it twisted, though: a top chef he may be, but there is no trace of a big-headed, big business celebrity chef in him.

by Philippe Ostiguy

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